The Working Man

Taking as our reference 19th century paintings in which artists such as Millais and Courbet depicted the life they saw around them, we have created a look for 'a working man' using our own products.

Our Union Shirt, its design copied from an original working man's shirt, has been teamed with workmen's heavier braces and our brown Shop Coat.  The red neckerchief and panama would have been very practical additions to protect the workman from long days of working in the summer sun.

Look created using:

Panama Hat - £38.00

Snuff Hanky (worn as neck scarf)- £2.00

Three Button Vest - Short Sleeve - £17.00

Union Shirt - £60.00

Workmen's Braces - £15.00

Shop Coat - £45.00

Leather Belt - £16.50