Goya Duquesa

Inspired by Goya's wonderful portraits of Spanish nobility our Duqesa is ready for the fiesta in her elegant mantilla and high peineta.  She cools herself in the scorching Spanish sun with a delicate lace fan.

Look created using:

Peineta (large) - £9.50

Floppy Bow Tie (worn as mantilla decoration) - £8.50

Mantilla - £38.00

Sleeveless Nightdress (worn as chemise) - £28.00

Drill Corset - £130.00

Headscarf (for illustration, worn as corset cover)

Fancy Lace Fan - £8.50

Petticoat (worn as skirt) - £72.00

Short Net Petticoats (worn as hip roll) - £35.00