Degas depicted his washerwomen exhausted after many hours of ironing.  This 'ironing lady' has yet to start her tasks.  She is wearing a practical ensemble for a working woman showing our wide petticoat in black.  Buy in white and dye it yourself.  It is perfect under costumes or can make a quick rehearsal skirt.

Look created using:

Sleeveless Nightdress (not visible, worn as underwear) - £28.00

19th Century Corset (not visible, worn as underwear to give silhouette) - £130.00

Men's 17th Century Shirt - £50.00

Headscarf (worn as shawl) - £5.00

Shop Apron (worn folded down) - £10.00

Petticoat (dyed black for illustration only) - £72.00