Masquerade balls have been popular from the 15th century right up to present day carnival season. Our Venetian masks are handmade in Italy in the commedia dell'arte style, and make the perfect base for a mysterious masquerade costume! We've put together these playful looks using two of our most popular mask styles.

Look created using:

Tricorn Hat - £52.00 

Floppy Bow Tie (worn as hat decoration) - £8.50

Venetian Mask - La Bauta - £14.00 

Mantilla - £38.00

Satin Elbow Length Gloves (silver) - £12.00

Fancy Lace Fan - £8.50

Headscarf (for illustration only, worn as corset cover)

Look created using:

Bicorn Hat - £68.00

Venetian Mask - The Nose - £17.00

Monocle - £60.00, worn on chain from Cameo Pendant - £5.00

Shakespeare Shirt - £75.00