Anyone for Tennis?

“As a nation we ought to welcome the healthy, hearty girl who can beat her brother in managing a tennis ball, in rowing a boat, and very often in managing a frisky horse.” (Ladies Home Journal, 1891)

This 19th century character is considering a game of tennis in her sporty summer clothing.  Her outfit, inspired by a painting by the Irish artist John Lavery, features a number of Costume Store pieces layered together to create a light day-time ensemble.

Look created using:

Traditional Boater - £35.00

Linen Parasol - £20.00

Ladies Dickey (worn underneath with collar showing)- £36.00

Cameo Pendant (worn as brooch) - £5.00

Ladies Mid Calf Nightgown (worn as blouse) - £28.00

19th Century Corset (worn underneath to give silhouette) - £130.00

Petticoat - £72.00