Diamante Buckles

Diamante Buckles

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Diamante buckles to give your costumes a sparkling finish. For use on belts, shoes, jabots, knee breeches and more.

Large oval - 40mm wide, 40mm post height (discontinued)

Large oval 2 - 48mm wide, 34mm post height

Large round - 50mm diameter, 35mm post height (discontinued)

Small oval - 35mm wide, 30mm post height (discontinued)

Small rectangular - 24mm wide, 22mm post height (discontinued)

Small square - 25mm wide, 18mm post height

Small rectangular - 22mm wide, 10mm post height

Small rectangular - 23mm wide, 12mm post height

Medium round - 28mm diameter, 22mm post height


*Some of these buckles have been discontinued by our current supplier. We have found a new supplier but the buckles are different shapes and sizes*

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